Monday, June 17

The winter is cold and I’ve felt its touch. Sitting in my living room, listening to the sounds of Dante’s Prayer, I find myself in a rare mood. Winter is hard for me, of all the seasons its bitter sweet, for it follows after Autumn, the season of my heart. Its harder in winter… harder to be creative, harder to feel, harder to put forth the energy needed to be all things to all people.

I desire very much to withdraw, to retreat to the safer regions of my soul, hiding behind a mechanical exterior, unwilling to expose myself to the world. You will have, no doubt, noticed the change in my posts of late. Perhaps a slightly more caustic tone, a bent towards debate. Fear not, my more soothing nature will return. Just as the budding blade of grass peeps forth as the first rays of Spring’s new sun shines upon the earth, all things cycle.

The period of retreat is drawing to an end. Let us look for the end of the long dark winter!



  1. Autumn is my favorite as well. However, I love Winter with a passion. Red cheeks, wooly scarves, leather boots, mittens, humming in the cold, bright eyes searching the sky for snow…

    Your blooming time is when I’m wanting to crawl into a cold and dark place. I dislike Spring and Summer.