Sunday, July 21

The length of days grows longer each morning and it has been too long since I’ve greeting my friends in cyberspace.

So what goes on in the blogsphere… Well, Tim descends into vulgarity to prove a point. It’s an interesting point, but some how I wonder if it was necessary to make it that way. Comments abounded of course.

Vulgar language does more than just convey the dictionary meaning of the words, it conveys disrespect, rebellion and irreverence for the subject being discussed. It is for that reason that Paul commands us to avoid it in Col 3:8 and Eph 5:4.

I think what I found so initially offensive wasn’t the idea that Tim would use the word in a story to portray someone as vulgar, but that he would flaunt his use of it before christians in an attempt to teach us something. Regardless of the veracity of his point, the truth is lost behind his attitude.


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  1. I was wondering about your silence. I’m not even sure what to say about Tim’s post. His point was true…but I was disgusted with his presentation.