Monday, June 17

Have you ever had a body check? I bet you have. When I was a kid, I remember those days when after dinner we had all gotten ready for bed and in spite of the wisdom against it, all three of us boys would tackle dad. Somehow or another, we would all end up under dads legs and arms, suffering delightfully while dad checked to make sure everything worked. Body checks… see, he’d grab us and tickle in all the ticklish places every so often, just to make sure that it still worked. Dads a bit old nowadays, and the only people getting body checks are my nieces and nephews, but those were some of the best times growing up. Someday when I have children of my own, body checks will be an integral part of their growing up. How else am I going to make sure everything works?



  1. Ahhh yes….
    Body checks I remember with fond memories those days.
    Days I often relive with my own kids. And yes everything still works last time I checked them.