Saturday, May 18

Transitioning to a new work environment is an interesting experience. Allow me to offer some helpful tips for anyone who runs or works in a company and is responsible for new hires and such. When you find out you are going to have a new employee or contractor working on site with you, then please, assign someone to him who will make sure he knows about all the paperwork he needs to fill out. Please make sure the new hire has a place to work and clear instructions on how to use the normal office resources you have available. Oh… and it always helps to have a clear description of what you want him to start doing when he gets settled in. Leaving it up to the employee is rarely a good idea. It makes for potential confusion and leaves the employee feeling uneeded. A good induction procedure is vital to making new emplyees feel welcome and productive. You and your company will benefit.


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  1. On my first day as an intern at Greenville Hospital System…everyone was so friendly. They showed me around to all of the major offices and supply rooms but no one told me where the bathroom was. Hehe.