Monday, June 17

I managed to get up at least a whole hour than I absolutely needed to this morning. I’ll admit that I like having a bit of time to not rush getting ready. I made tacos last night, so I had lunch to bring with me today. w00t!

Now lets see… I was going to say something but I can’t seem to remember. My birthday is coming up, that’s exciting. I’ll be 25, on quarter of a century, just about time for my quarter life crisis. You may send me gifts, amazon will know where to send them. *grin* Well, I can’t think of anything else to say, so toodles for now.



  1. Hmm, I’m not so sure about some of those items on your Amazon wish list. Dolls and figurines for a grown man? I can just picture walking into you playing with them on the living room floor…

    “Why Aragorn, what big muscles you have!”
    “I’m sorry, Eowen, but my heart is promised to another women. She is of the Elf-kind, and does not take kindly to competition.”
    “So if I cannot fight in battle, and neither enjoy the company of a man, what is there to live for?”
    “I hear Faramir over here is free.”
    “Hey baby.”
    “Ugh! Why don’t you get a haircut? Well, maybe you’re not too bad. Give me a call after I’ve infiltrating my uncle’s battle ranks and made a name of renown for myself.”
    “Sure thing, babe. I’ll just bide the time by acting out of character for the rest of the movie.”

    Not as bad as that scene in Spaceballs, but still far too disturbing to contemplate.

  2. Roger L. Waggner on

    They are ACTION FIGURES. ;)
    Not dolls. Girls play with dolls.
    Guys play with action figures.

    And when you have a son, as I do,
    you can go ahead and buy that stuff
    at the store without a second thought
    about what anybody may think.

    This is a very cool benefit of having
    a kid, even though my son is too young
    for the LOTR stuff.

  3. quarterlife crisis – i’m deep in yo….. college spoiled me – now there’s no where to go but down!!!