Monday, June 17

Grace Baptist Church is the church I attend, and as you may or may not notice, their website has just undergone a bit of a design overhaul. You might stop over for a small jaunt. In the future there will be a weekly column from my pastor and a monthly column from my pastors wife. As well, we will be implementing a section devoted to the missionaries we support and their current prayer needs, so be looking for that. Thanks all…



  1. I go to Grace Baptist Church too. :-P The site looks lovely.

    I have been meaning to say this…but is there a way that the comment section can remember my name, email, and website info? I dislike having to type it in every time. *small fuss*

  2. And while were on the subject where is your line break formatting? Hmmmm? I’ll lend ya my code if ya need it but come on dude come on enough is enough!

  3. life is good i like the webpage design, but i think you have more stuff to read in that rotating verse section as content goes… but i guess i will have to keep clicking it like a rat till i leran something!!!!