Thursday, May 23


  1. A collaboration? Yes. Marzhill Studios potentially very soon Marzhill Studios LLC is the design/development firm run by my brother Jeremy and Jason Butler, also known as Lanris on I am also involved, though in a somewhat limited fashion. Together we provide dynamic web solutions to small companies who can’t afford the higher priced firms. We are flexible, determined, and wholly given over to web standards and their propogation. If you know of any one looking for a set of good developers, let us know!

  2. Any time you want to come over and work for us…. *GRIN* you just go right a head… I can’t garuntee much money will be involved though… as we are still getting started…

  3. why jenn of course you can be the marketing guru. Will you accept small trinkets as payment for your services?

  4. A true guru is not interested in material gain, but performs their trade for the mutual benefit of all parties.


  5. Eli Jason Frost on

    Hi Y’all; C’mon over for Barbecue–just give us a couple of hours notice!