Monday, June 17

That Cute Waitress


The day started off like most days recently have started. Late. Work carried on like most Fridays. Lite. I took rather a lot of photos during lunch, most of them worthless. *grin* I got home late in the afternoon and found Jon catching my cold. Oh well, my mom did teach me to share and I’m not the ungenerous type.

We decided on seeing a movie, which wasn’t all that good, but it did serve to idle the time. Jon and I both find that being sick makes one wish to do very little. After the movie we headed to find something to eat. I was mildly caffienated and feeling pretty good, albiet tired. The excitement of my new camera and the thought of all the possibilities served to make my amiable. It was shaping up to be a very fun evening.

I had a craving for a burger. Its funny how your tastes swing back and forth, but lately I’ve had Barbeque on the mind. I can’t get enough of it. Barbeque and Burgers, the grand American food and oh so good. So we stopped at Applebee’s, as few other restauraunts of the cheaper variety have good burgers. Our waitress was named Jennifer, and boy if I wasn’t feeling in the mood to be flirtatious. *GRIN* You don’t have to worry mom, I behaved myself. She was a nice waitress though, and I caught myself smiling at her when she came to check on us. I don’t know if she caught anything, but the night was young and I didn’t have it out of my system yet.

As it got near to time to leave, I didn’t have the courage to ask her if I could take her picture. Yeah. I’m lame like that. So I decided on a more mysterious and slightly more fun route. Capitalizing on the pen Jennifer left us to sign our check with, I composed a poem in thanks. I signed it only with our first names and left it with the tip. I hope it served to brighten her day, and God willing, I shall never see her again. *ahem* I only regret that I wasn’t able to see her face when she read it, as she had a pretty smile. You’re probably curious, so I’ll post it here for you.

The waitress fair
   With short blonde hair
      Made sweet the end of day

An evening be
   And fancy free
      She left no thought of gray

So thanks from Jason & Jon.

I know its a bit hokey, but it was on short notice and I didn’t have a lot of time or paper. Now I’m home and contemplating many things. hopefully soon you will begin to see the fruition of my thoughts. So till next Friday, God bless.



  1. There are just so many pretty girls. God has been doing some fine fine work lately.

  2. I’m sorry, Jason, but this post made me laugh so hard. She was probably pleased as pie and couldn’t wait to tell her friends about you and your poem. If she’s got a boyfriend, she’s probably making him jealous. If she doesn’t, she’s probably hoping you’ll be back soon. I keep laughing at the thought of what I would have done as a silly unmarried girl so many years ago with a poem written to me from a guy I didn’t know.

  3. Oh my! You can tell from my comment that I read Jenn’s Musings. LOL Pleased as pie indeed!

  4. Sheesh. *grin* I hope it made her day, but I doubt I made that much of an impression.

  5. I should hope not, the last thing we need around here is a female stalker hunting Jason!

  6. Gosh Ryan. I don’t want her to remember me. The point was to brighten her day. Its better if I remain anonymouse.

  7. Yeah, you must not know much about women if you think she didn’t eat that up. Like Julie said, I bet even if she does have a BF, she and her friends had a good giggle about it. BTW, giggles are good! I would go back, I’m sure she’ll remember you.

  8. Who knows, since he signed both of our names, maybe she’ll be on the lookout for me, as well!

  9. Good point Jon. For all she knows, Jon is the caring poet… and besides.. how could I ever compete with Jon’s long blonde hair. Every girl I know admits she wishes she had hair like that. *grin*

  10. She probably is already thinking about what your children will look like. :-P

  11. To quote you, “but I doubt I made that much of an impression”.
    Are you kidding? You simply must take that back because that is the kind of stuff girls dream of.

  12. OH, please. *senses ego*

    There are plenty of other great guys around. Well, I know of at least one other. *grin*

  13. Talking to you online, I never would have believed you were that much of a flirt. But after meeting you in person…this post totally makes sense to me. :-P

  14. I’m really not most of the time. Honest. I only get that way when I’m caffeinated.

  15. Keep in mind also, I behaved myself while at the table. Ask Jon. She should have had no idea anything was up till I left the poem.

  16. Jason a flirt??? Can it be??? They say it’s the silent ones you have to watch out for. So who liked her more–Jon or Jason?

  17. I’m betting on Jon, i mean… his hair… who can seriously compete with that…

  18. Amber, should we even mention all the waitresses that Jason flirted with while he was here? *wink*

  19. *dies laughing*

    Let’s see, if I were a waitress, and I had two handsome guys to choose from…Wait! What makes you think I’d choose? Can’t I have ’em both? *ROFL*

  20. All right, people, I am watching! (And grandma is listening as I read this *grins* ) It is so much fun to be young. Son, you need to stay off the caffeine. When it comes to women, you need a clear head!

  21. If that’s what a little caffeine does to you, I’d hate to see what would happen if you drank it all the time…The girls would have to fight you off with a stick. :-P

  22. Whenever Jason drinks caffeine he transforms into… Enrique, the Latino Lover of the Ladies!

  23. You know Jon, you really didn’t have to bring Enrique up. However, since you did- I received a "junk" email yesterday from some guy named Enrique. Needless to say, it freaked me out.

    Oh, and Amber is right. Caffeine + a straw wrapper = Wild Jason Wall. :-P

  24. Your mother told me you’re so sweet a kid that she needs to keep you humbled. I can see why…


  25. ohh, come on mom. Us Wall boys never lose our head around women, its the women who lose their head around us! :)

  26. Jason wasn’t allowed to have caffine or sugar as a child, hence the reason he spazes out when he has it now!

  27. Interestingly enough, you’re right Ryan. Though as a child I didn’t need it. I was hyper all the time regardless. When I hit puberty I lost all that boundless energy and had to resort to caffiene for my high. On occasion, though not often, I still get hyper without the caffiene.

  28. *LOL* Hola Senioritas? *blinks* Um…Jon…Jason doesn’t have caffeine under his belt, now, does he? *LOL*

  29. LOL! I know this kid who, if he drinks too much caffeine, he can make is eyes dart from left to right SUPER fast!

  30. Glad someone is still carry on in the READ tradition.

    We Reads were quite the ladies men. By a boat load of Breath Mints.

  31. Well… if its family tradition… *GRIN* I’m more than happy to help. *chuckle* But though I may break a lot hearts, my own is for only one, whomever she might be.

  32. that poem was awesome!! you should have left your phone number or something!
    *wants to attend the walljm school of poetry*
    do you write poetry for money?? we need to talk…. :-)