Wednesday, July 24

The Daily Wall

Not much has been happening, but because you are all such faithful readers I must write anyway, eschewing the lazy habit of not posting at all. My roomate bought the soundtrack to Once Upon a Time in Mexico, a movie I didn’t see, because we decided that it didn’t have any real redeaming qualities, being about murder and mayhem and all. But the soundtrack is nice, very spanish, somewhat mournful. It makes you want to do the cha cha cha.

I’ve succeeded in getting up twice before the 7:00 am hour, a feat seldom sean around this household. My coworkers are in a state of shock. My roomate is beside himself. Ahh the joys.

I went to Burger King for lunch today, walked up to the counter and requested a Whopper Meal. The lady behind the counter went to punch in my order and caught herself, stopped, looked at me and said, "A Whopper Value meal?". I said, "Yup!", to which she replied, "You always get a Whopper Junior meal." I just want to note, that for that reason, I will continue to frequent that particular store. Its nice to know they are paying attention.



  1. I had a friend tell me once he decided to stop frequenting Wendy’s when they had his meal ready before he got there every day.

  2. I eat out at two places, Paul’s place, and the Quizno’s. I change my order enough at the Quizno’s to keep them guessing, but at Paul’s place they say, “you like family now, help your self to buffet.” and they never ask me what I want anymore. hehe, the fun of being consistent.