Tuesday, April 16

In the past two years, my interests in photography have segregated themselves into two camps. I like the idea of the single and evocative print, but my real interest of late has been in the area of documentary types of photography. To take an idea and develop it through a series or an essay seems to hold more value than the simple ascthetic. It carries a much deeper weight or meaning, or at least the potential for it.

I have resolved to do a few things for 2004. Those resolutions that affect those who visit walljm.com I list here for your speculation:

  • One major photo essay, possibly two.
  • A major redesign of the underlining structure of walljm.com as well as possibly a new visual look.
  • A greater emphaisis on photography and less on the occasional essay or blog post.
  • The implementation of a link log similar to the integrated posting style of Jason Kottke. (note: this is a hint as to the kind of changes you might expect in the underlying structure)

Before I go, This Collection of Photography by C. W. Cushman is astounding and wonderful.



  1. The planned changes sound good. However, I do like your regular blog posts and essays so I hope you don’t abandon those completely.

    Link logs are fun. I’ve got one on my site that I set up fairly easily using Movable Type. (My whole site’s in MT, but I set up one blog and tweaked some templates to make my “For Your Perusal” section work.)

  2. Anything in MT is easy, but I insist on doing things the hard way here because I want to keep my coding skills up to par. So all new stuff has to be done from scratch.

    I’ll still blog when I feel like it, but the emphasis will definitely change.