Thursday, May 23

I’m not sure weather to be happy or offended by this article on how fundamental christian groups are working in foreign countries. Apparently we use all sorts of insideous tactics like humnitarian aid, education, and medical help to further our prosylitization program.

There was one quote in particular that gave me pause. I was reminded of the early objections of the Roman Empire against Christianity. The writer of the article said,

What is objectionable in this fundamentalist campaign is not its desire to gain adherents, but in its determination to totally alienate their converts from all their traditions and all ‘non-believers’.

During the first few hundred years of the Christian church, Christians were murdered, not because we believed in a different God than anyone else. You see, the Romans allowed for all sorts of diverse pagan deities, but we were murdered because we had the audacity to declare that our God is the only true God. We survived then, prospered even. And we will prosper in Nepal too. I know. I’ve read the ending. We win.


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