Saturday, May 18

Web Link Collage


Sometimes there are days when you wish you had worked harder, that you had done more. Finding myself confronted with several issues that I wish I could adequately explain, I find myself without words to do so.

In other news, The Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson is turning heads and breaking hearts all across the nation opening on over 4600 screens in over 3000 theaters. Its well on its way to becoming a major blockbuster hit. I just want to take the time to thank all the media for causing such a huge fuss over the movie. Without you, it would never had have such a reach.

Well… its Lent. A couple days ago, on Fat Tuesday, everyone turned their websites gray for Gray Tuesday. At least, a few did. No, it wasn’t in honor of Lent, it all had to do with the rebellious and unlawful practice of stealing other peoples work. Don’t you feel proud!?


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