Monday, June 17

Marriage Under Fire: The Destruction of a Culture

Orson Scott Card speaks out on the systematic attack on Marriage we are currently seeing in all its gory detail in Massechusetts and San Francisco.

He says it so much better than I do, so I won’t bother you with repeating him. I couldn’t help but think of Rome while I was reading his article. At one time, Rome ruled the known world. But it fell, not because some greater nation defeated it. No, Rome fell to an upstart barbarian king. Really, Rome collapsed beneath its own moral corruption. It had become an effeminate society.

The fabric of a strong and vibrant society can be utterly destroyed simply by pulling on a single thread. I fear that thread was tugged at a long time ago, and we know face the unraveling of what
has perhaps one of the greatest nations this world has ever known.

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