Tuesday, April 16

Personal Verbiage


I got sick two days ago. *mutters* I wanted to note three things, first, the photos on the photoblogs I link to have, almost to the last one, have all been posting some fantastic shots lately even though I’ve not been posting links of the particulars over the last couple days.

Second, I had a great birthday, and thanks to all who sent emails and did stuff, it was much appreciated.

And lastly, I’ve been real busy lately. I found myself a bit short of cash so I picked up a second job. Its a fun job, bout 20-25 hours a week, but its taking up a lot of my time. It’s only for four months, and I may drop it sooner if it starts to interfere with my day job. We’ll see. Updates may become more sporadic than usual, or I may get inspired and post many cool things. Who knows, I get unpredictable when I’m worn out. Thought you might be curious to know.


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