Sunday, July 21

A Compilation of Images and Ideas


Today I’m going to copy the things magazine style of blogging and link presentation. Michael McDonough’s Top Ten Things They Didn’t Teach Me at Design School offers some sage advice. // Another step in the right direction, a judge allows the testimony of a doctor with years of research into prenatal pain in unborn children. Mayhap soon this abominable practice will be outlawed. // The Defective Yeti needs to rearrange his office because of women. I can understand his predicament. // This article on how difficulties in recognizing ones own incompetence can lead to inflated self-assessments looks interesting enough to read. // The Fishbowl gives us the rules of argument. Take note, they’re good. // Like Murphies laws, Wiio’s laws of Communication describe in pessimistic detail certain truths about society.

Top Left Pixels photo about sugar grabs my attention, but I can’t figure out why. // Chromogenic’s composition reminds me of a swiss army knife or the Red Cross. That red of white motif is striking. // Orbit 1 has a really cool cityscape on display with an ethereal quality that lends itself to an empty and disconnected feeling. // Mike Golding has a nice shot of The London Eye, a ferris wheel like structure that stands 135 meters high. nice. // Food 4 Eyes luxuriates in verduous saturation. // Deceptive Media’s composition of a trash collector is poignant and well done in black and white.



  1. Daniel Stoddart on

    Personally, I like this Way. It works for me, but I’ve also heard some people complain (on other blogs) about a lack of whitespace preventing easy reading. Hmmm. I am also getting into this style, but it raises the question as to whether I’m running two blogs, or a blog and a link dump. Oh well.

  2. I’ve long wanted to implement a link log similar to anil’s or dive into mark’s, but a little bit of laziness and a lot of other work has prevented me. I finally started using the kottke method because it didn’t require any infrastructure changes and it has grown on me.