Thursday, June 1

State of the Walljm Address


I get asked how I am doing by friends and aquaintences, as I go about the daily practice of living. I am often caught unprepared, not having anything relevant to say immediately, and upon further reflection, finding that so much and so little have happened there isn’t any good way to get started.

The inevitable reply is of course, "good". :) But that does little alleviate the need to tell somebody what is going on.

I like to talk about myself. I think this is one reason why I find blogging attractive. I can spend hourse talking without worrying about stealing the other persons time. Its a contradiction for me internally, because I very much want to hear what they have to say, as much as I want to tell them what I’m thinking.

So here I am, three paragraphs into this post, and I haven’t come to the point yet. How am I? I’m tired. I’m not sure why either. This past week, I’ve done nothing but sleep, relax, and take it easy. But I’ve felt run down, and I’m experiencing all the symptoms of a weak immune system. I’m getting mouth sores, I can’t seem to get enough sleep, the thought of any activity is slightly depressing, and any excitement at all causes my body to jump.

I could chalk it up to stress, which is probably more accurate than I want to think. Not that I could tell you what I’m stressing over. Its not work. At least, work isn’t any more stressful than normal, which isn’t very much. At work, things are nice and easy. The most pressing matter I have to deal with is my own motivation for a project whose timetable is set completely by me.

Church has been really good this past year. Getting to lead worship has been one of the most fulfilling obligations I’ve ever had. I feel confident about my responsibilities, and confident about where the church is going. I’m teaching/discipling a guy on thursdays, taking him through the Bible Study Methods course we taught in Uganda two years ago and will be teaching again in 2005. One on one discipleship has always been one of the aspects of Christianity I enjoy the most.

My efforts to branch out into the realm of professional photography are going well. I have two weddings booked later this year, and several opportunities to gain some experience doing free projects for people. My photo website will launch officially sometime this year, as soon as I have time to properly prepare my marketing material.

Jeremy is nearing completion of the Alpha release of Marzhill Studios new flagship software tenatively called Pentaprism Expo, a commercial photo publishing package. Hopefully, a workign Beta will be ready by mid summer with a tentative release date somewhere around august.

Most everything else is in a state of comfortable existence. Money has been ample for my needs, few family problems exist to give me worry.

Andrew is on the last leg of his college career, with one more year left in school. Pray for him, as finances are very tight, and some significant needs have to still be met.

So how am I? I’m good. I don’t know why I’m tired, maybee its just the nature of things, and after a while a body needs to rest.

One more note, in the process of redesigning and restructureing, I have also been working on my digital workflow. Archiving has always been a bit of a problem, but I have gained some new tools and hopefully you will start seeing more frequent photographic posting, replete with photographic metadata such as, ISO, Aperature, Shuterspeed, and Location.

Thanks to all,


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