Wednesday, July 24

The Photo Roundups Return…


I’ve decided its time to start noting favorite compositions by the photoblog crowd again. So here they are:

  • Delicate Yellow Slipper. I love green.
  • University of Oregon Museum of Art. Chromogenic has the best grainy black and white photos. lately, I’ve been thinking how to duplicate that special kind of grainy feel in digital photos.
  • Men, Sarevo, Bosnia. Jocund has a great street shot, perfectly capturing the moment between these old men.
  • Asparagus or bamboo, I’m not sure which. But its green, and I’m digging the verdant landscape right now.
  • Mountain Landscape by Rannie from, guest appearing on Top Left Pixel. I favored this photo because it looks desaturated, giving the scene a delicate pastel look.
  • Farm Scene, a panorama. I like panoramas, and have been experimenting with them lately. I haven’t quite figured out the proper splicing distance to prevent radical bends in my photos yet.

Does anyone out there know much about photo stiching and the kinds of angles you need for a good stitch?