Wednesday, October 5

Books, Books, What I’ve Read So Far This Year


So here’s what I’ve read so far:


By Terry Pratchet: Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad

What can you say about Pratchet?  He’s amazing, hysterical, wise, funny and insightful. I haven’t read anything by him that I didn’t like, a lot.  I recommend him highly.


By Terry Brooks: The Measure of the Magic, Bearers of the Black Staff

I was a little disappointed with Brooks’ latest.  Not as good as his usual, and certainly not as good as his earlier work.

By Jim Butcher: Storm Front

This is the first novel in a long series.  It was good.  Tight plot and writing.  But I wasn’t in the right mood for noir, and the novel left me feeling dark, which says more about me and my mood than it does about the novel.


By Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay

I don’t even know what to say really.  These books were so good I rank them in my top 10 greatest of all time.  Best series I’ve read in a decade.  The honesty and insight into her characters, particularly how she describes the pain and anguish of anxiety/fear/depression/greif had me unable to put the books down and towards the end, having a difficult time keeping my composure.


By Frank Beddor: The Looking Glass Wars, Seeing Redd, ArchEnemy

This series was excellent.  A different take on the wonderland mythos, it had me captivated.  Highly reccomended.



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