Tuesday, July 27


  1. <3 [thought these words of His would be meaningful in light of this piece..]

    From Beth Moore's Praying God's Word Day by Day (today, 28th):

    The lead in threw me off a bit

    "If we keep fighting our own inner battles, we'll never have the strength to stand up and fight our true enemy."

    The body:

    "O God, how I thank Your for seeing my misery and hearing my cries" … "You are concerned about my suffering. Come down to rescue me, O Lord, and bring me to your place of promise (Exod. 3:7-8)."

    Didn't like the beginning of next part, edited to just

    "Who is like You, Lord – majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders? Stretch out Your right hand and deal with my enemy, God! (Exod. 15:11-12)"

    He did for me today!

    "I thank you that those who belong to You are meant to be the head, not the tail! If I am obedient to You and do not turn aside from Your ways, You will not allow the enemy to keep me at the bottom. (Deut 28:13-14) Thank you for answering this and other prayers today Lord and I lift up "Your son" and pray the same for him. In Christ. Amen.

  2. Thanks Heather :) I took the liberty of formatting your comment. if i misrepresented it in anyway, let me know