Tuesday, April 16

Orson Scott Card, science fiction author, and now political analyst, offers an explanation of US foriegn policy. Now, I’m not a political pundit, not am I up on the latest movement within the white house. I have always stood upon the philosophy that for the average American to think even for a moment that he is better able to understand what is going on in foreign fields, is foolish and stupid. The vast majority of Americans don’t even know how much American can know about what goes on in foreign nations, knowledge that the President does know. You simply have to trust in the man who was elected. Its all you can do. It is why the character of the man you elect is so important, because there will come times when you are going to have to trust them blindly.

I found Card’s article insightful, and it had a ring of truth. You might find a bunch of nonsense, but the truth of the matter is, you can’t really tell for sure, and all you accomplish by berrating our government is showing the enemy that we are divided. Consider that.

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  1. Good point. While I didn’t read the article, as I’m very tired, I’ll take your entry as mini-article itself.
    I could sure use some Tylenwall jm.